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7th June
dresden dolls, kaiser chiefs, raveonettes, autolux, futureheads, dear leader, sage francis, lost city angels, etc.
lansdowne street



rei sale! bring it on, elements, i'm ready now.

last night:

can't wait till the next party involving a tent ; )

5 superman plus 7 batman plus 1 cyclone plus 2 thunderbolt plus 1 teacups (pop quiz hotshot--how are the teacups like voting?) plus 2 tram plus 1 colossus plus 1 log flume plus 1 poison ivy plus 1 houdini (did i forget anything?) plus 1 fried dough plus 1 bsom plus 1 travbot equals enough sfne to last me another year.


want a car?

My parents are getting a new car, and either selling or trading in their old one. It's a Saturn; it runs very well but is rather crappy. But I've seen worse. Way worse. Details are:

1996 Saturn SL2, 4-door sedan
5-speed manual transmission
120,000 miles
never been in an accident
broken air conditioner (best guess $300+ to fix)
manual windows
passenger door lock doesn't open with a key
driver's side door gave me trouble one day, but not since
engine in great shape
must change oil every 5k miles (or you need to add oil)
front bumper cracked down middle (not an inspection issue in Massachusetts)
crack in side view mirror
clean; doesn't smell bad
one owner; kept serviced
29mpg city, 40 highway, 33 overall

Kelley Blue Book values:
Trade-in $575
Retail $1,695

Best offer over $575 will be accepted
Best offer below $575 will be noted in case the trade-in offer comes in

email or call me if you're interested; spread the word.


Funny, i never thought of myself as a fly girl/guy... the e makes all the difference =)

[aerob]'s Aliases

Your movie star name: Veggie Booty Mauritz

Your fashion designer name is Amanda Oslo

Your socialite name is Amanda Banana New York

Your fly girl / guy name is A Rob

Your detective name is Dolphin Lincoln Sudbury Regional

Your barfly name is Chocolate Tequila

Your soap opera name is Ertzeid Tower

Your rock star name is Chocolate Concorde

Your star wars name is Amabam Robmat

Your punk rock band name is The Bored Butt Plug

Slow time

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So this weekend I went back to the land of no daylight savings time and few hills to see Bestest Bro in a dance performance. Now, I love Wesleyan dance of course, but this show was like if you took the best (and, admittedly, some of the worst too) of WesDance and put it all in one show. And then if the activists added a couple numbers too. Any show that includes a ballet piece to Bullet with Butterfly Wings, belly dancing to Mysterious Ways, and modern/ballet to New Kicks by Le Tigre is, by definition, *amazing*.

The best part, of course and by far, was The Richmond Dance Explosion's Seeking the Apex of Masculinity: Attempts at the Construction and Biography of Normative Man through Dance, the one my little bro (shown here) was in. It wasn't as pretentious as it sounds. Or, it was, but it was also *hilarious*. And pretentious in a gender-studies/sociology way, not in a dance way or anything. But you get that more by reading the MANalysis.

We also discovered some kick-ass hangout spots in Richmond. Like the old broken piano factory. And the coffee house/art gallery in some other old factory building. And the park by the river. And the movie theater, when it's showing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And anywhere there's lots of people wearing eyeliner.