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Floor Tiles

... right down to the rollover caption.

i'm such a nerd


Road Rash

so i got my bike about two and a half weeks ago, and already my lower legs look wrecked. it wasn't until the shower yesterday that i even noticed most of the bruises and minor scrapes, so i have no idea where they came from. but the latest, and worst, i mostly recall. they're quite impressively embarrassing:

- thursday, on the way from the office to time's up, cab tried to cut me off or something and somehow in trying to stop/swerve in knocked my shin into the pedal and scraped it up. it's already scabby, no worries.
- today, prospect park. on the way up that big hill before grand army plaza. standing up on the pedals (i don't shift, except when the bike does it for me, but then it only goes into a higher gear). leaned too far on the handlebars, just for shits and giggles, and lost my balance and went down on my left leg/elbow. largest bruise was to my ego, though the scrapes on my left leg and the road rash on the elbow are fairly badass.

somehow in the shower afterward, i managed to get all the chain grease off my legs. i think it was the body wash with scrubby gloves; must have had the same effect as lava soap what with the super exfoliating action!

speaking of bikes:

RMO plays the Bike Film Fest, Friday night at Anthology Film Archives (2nd ave and 2nd st. manhattan). y'alls should come.


blog post!

yeah, it's been a while, i know. what can i say? i've been busy. doing, what? you ask...

mostly band. which it looks like i've already posted about. around st. patrick's day, we had 7 gigs (and one practice) in 8 days. we've recorded twice. i got a flute on borrow, which i've been re-learning. we have two gigs next weekend, you should come:

  • Rising Tide Action Tour
    Playing before Critical Mass on Friday the 26th, at Union Square Park, for a roving educational group teaching the world about global warming.
  • A28: Day of Action to Impeach Bush
    Playing in Tompkins Square Park while you write your Congresspeople telling them to impeach Bush.

In other news, I'm applying to grad school. Like, woah. Computer Science at NYU, full time, is what I hope to be doing this fall. so, i have to finish that application (don't worry, it's not due till the 1st of june).

Also, it's spring. woot!


The Soundtrack to the Revolution

The Soundtrack to the Revolution, originally uploaded by dcfox.

Says the photo poster:

One of the highlights of an amazing day.
The Rude Mechanical Orchestra hail from Brooklyn. They play in a spirited manner, have a terrific repertoire and snazzy uniforms.
I couldn't help dancing. What more could you ask?



Joke or No Joke?


  • I mean, come on. For real?
  • Candles that look like cock and balls
  • "To get into heaven, there's no back door"

No Joke:

  • Does Christian Rock really use the [other] 'F' word?
  • Wouldn't put it bast the Christian Fundamentalists...

Joke: "Righteous men, get on your knees"

No Joke: Check out those outfits, with all the pastels

Joke: Check out those outfits, with all the pastels...

No Joke: And the dewey light everywhere...

Joke: And the dewey light everywhere...

No Joke: The website looks legit

Joke: ... except that it lists Cyndi Lauper as a "Safe Band"

No Joke: Maybe Cyndi Lauper is "Safe"

Joke: On her latest album she duets with "Gay Band" Ani DiFranco

No Joke: They probably just didn't do their homework. It also lists both 'Indigo Girls' and 'The Indigo Girls.' I mean, there's a lot of non-Christian Rock in the world...


I'm gonna go with a tentative Joke. But there's a lot I just wouldn't put past the Christian Fundamentalists.