i'm free!

no more trials today. now i get a paper that, if i don't lose it, keeps me out of jury duty for the next 8 years. too bad i'm not the greatest at not losing pieces of paper. in other news, a NY congressman fathered a child with his mistress. They have MSNBC on the tv's.

who's bright idea was it to start my last name with an R? they're releasing us in alphabetical order. jerks.

i am le tired. maybe i'll have a nap.

still not on an actual jury...

just sitting in the waiting room. they've called all of 25 names; slow day at the courts i guess.

but i did manage to escape annoying-won't-shut-up-kinda-creepy dude. i made a getaway at lunch! then hid in a different corner of the room. it was pretty harrowing.

How to fill out a form

Apparently, jurors have trouble filling out forms. The NYS court system seems to think this process needs to be explained at least four times: once on the form, once when you arrive, once after the movie, and again right after that just for good measure. i'm not sure i would trust somebody who doesn't know how to fill out their employment information on a form to be on my jury.

A history of Jury Duty: brought to you by 1992

It's the 'make you feel better about being here' video portion of the morning! Highlights:

A bunch of medieval people just threw a dude into the water.

Its Ed Brantley of 60 Minutes! And some 90's-tastic generic hopeful music!

"... and, what is this service called jury duty anyway?"

"The romans threw out [the idea of the jury] and substituted it with judges and [something]..." [picture of Jesus!] Nothing like religious guilt to make people want to serve on jury duty. Especially that Hasid next to me--that Jesus thing will really get him into it.

Now it's Dianne Sawyer! I bet the South Dakota court doesn't have this kind of star power for their jury duty video.

And now for a who's-who of the courtroom, featuring "the opposite of the stereotypical person for each job!":

 - the black female judge!
 - the white male stenographer!
 - the racially ambiguous cops!
 - the black dude and white woman lawyers (hey, it's just like the democratic primary!)

"If you are excused during [jury selection] it is in no way a reflection on your intelligence or integrity." ... Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to dismiss the really smart people.

Woah. it's a dude with that shaved-on-the-bottom, ponytail-on-the-top haircut from middle school.

Jury duty wooo!

Maybe people wouldn't hate it so much if they got to sleep later. 8:30? That's like high school early.

... For real this time

So due to blogger being blocked by the brooklyn supreme court, and to my postponing jury duty, my little liveblogging experiment failed. But no worry! I'll try again tomorrow, with the awesome post-by-email function! I'll also be madly trying to finish my last homeworks of the semester, so we'll see just how much of each gets done. Oh, also I should probably be juring or whatever.

But I have high hopes. So see y'all tomorrow! Er... later today! Word.