The Prisoner (on DVD!)

So I catsat a couple of weeks ago for Joe, and as it turns out in addition to a shit-ton of records, he has a shit-ton of DVDs, including all of The Prisoner.

The Prisoner is an acid-trip of a mystery/action/spy thriller from 1967 in which a recently-retired secret agent gets drugged and passes out only to wake up in an isolated place called The Villiage in which everyone's name is replaced with a number and there's no indication of who's who and whom to trust. It influenced such shows as Lost, and basically is awesome.

It takes lots of concentration to get what's going on, but for the most part it's episodic and you don't need to watch them in order. In fact, the DVD set I borrowed has a different order than the original air dates.

It's thick with symbolism and sometimes its clues are in the minutest of details.

I definitely recommend.