class warfare

Thanks to The Huffington Post, I've come across continuing ricockulousness of FEMA and the right wing media-industrial complex (Yes, it's an industrial complex too now. Or maybe it would just be the right wing media complex? I dunno. It's crap is what it is).

In Louisiana, Bush's visit to New Orleans postponed the delivery of 3 tons of food to starving hurricaine victims; in Atlanta, some 1000 firefighters were trained to pass out pamphlets to refugees, rah-rah-ing FEMA and telling people which toll-free number to call with questions. But with what phones? you ask... I've been wondering the same myself.

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum thinks harsher punishments for people refusing to evacuate would prevent catastrophes like this from occurring in the future, and First Mother Barbara Bush thinks the victims are better off homeless in Texas.

It's times like these i really wish I got Comedy Central. And CNN. Even FOX News is getting slightly critical of the handling of the situation (Geraldo cried).

Me? I'm fucking pissed off. Instead of doing anything at all to help, the administration is posing for photo ops and FEMA is doing the PR work. I will see each and every one of you in the streets on 24th September.

dear myself from a week and a half ago...

you'll want to remember these things:
  • the F train is not running its normal route for the weekend of 26-29 august. get the fuck off the train at hoyt-schermerhorn.
  • dude, that's the pier where the folks were held during the rnc!
  • the tp can wait. say hello first.
  • skip the thing about the wine; maybe say something about the haircut instead.
  • not that way! the projects are that way! remember what vik said about what nyc projects look like? that's it.
  • "i don't think that's your concern" is a perfectly reasonable answer when sketchy guy down the street asks if you're single. also, lying. that works.
  • don't forget to leave enough time to *buy* the metronorth ticket. there are machines if need be.
  • also leave time for the F train to once again be screwy, and take forever.
  • one beer is enough before assembling furniture.

that is all.