dear myself from a week and a half ago...

you'll want to remember these things:
  • the F train is not running its normal route for the weekend of 26-29 august. get the fuck off the train at hoyt-schermerhorn.
  • dude, that's the pier where the folks were held during the rnc!
  • the tp can wait. say hello first.
  • skip the thing about the wine; maybe say something about the haircut instead.
  • not that way! the projects are that way! remember what vik said about what nyc projects look like? that's it.
  • "i don't think that's your concern" is a perfectly reasonable answer when sketchy guy down the street asks if you're single. also, lying. that works.
  • don't forget to leave enough time to *buy* the metronorth ticket. there are machines if need be.
  • also leave time for the F train to once again be screwy, and take forever.
  • one beer is enough before assembling furniture.

that is all.

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