So, here I am in the Tea Lounge, pulling a Jess (updating my blog from an Apple laptop in the Tea Lounge, that is, oh and also doing this after a trip to SoHo to go shopping at American Apparel... and other places).

Work is insane. This isn't to say I'm unhappy, just busy. Like, way busy. Like, I thought there were laws against this busy. Ok not *that* bad, but my roommates are starting to wonder if I still live at home. I think I saw my face on a milk carton the other day, come to think of it...

I finally have more than one pair of pants! After the above SoHo shopping spree. I'd been rotating between the one pair of jeans I have here (think I left the other pair up in the MA), and it was getting old. My signature green cargo pants are stained, alas. But I have stocked up on made-in-the-USA knitwear! Woot!

Also, bsom, aberg, kpd and I reached a new level of trendiness by playing Settlers at Buttermilk, the nearby hipster bar. It's like a coffee shop that serves alcohol, noted KPd, who also won, keeping Wesleyan undefeated in Settlers in Brooklyn (yes, Vassar, consider the gauntlet thrown). Ben's glasses... Kerry's new t-shirt collection... rounds of Yuengling... we're so trendy =D Apparently my boatneck top is also hipster-ish, but I feel like things I bought at the mall could never really be defined as hipster-ish. Working at the Onion is pretty hip, I guess. And, yes, I do have some pretty hipster-tastic t-shirts. But I wasn't wearing one of those at Buttermilk.


oh werd?

::dusts off keyboard::

when was i here last? oops. i like to be more reliable to my faithful readers. all three of them.

so, um what happened since i've been gone?
-we stopped the war. er, we said 'make levees not war,' which became the theme of the protests, according to the news media. they failed to mention the part where tons of veterans were there, including veterans of this particular war.
-i got a job. at the Onion. i'm wicked psyched. i started today. and worked 9 hours. woah. i was gonna work more, but things didn't work right when i got them home, oops.
-i started design school. i'm so trendy. and, it's a shit-ton of work.
-i learned--or re-learned, rather--that some boys are mega-tools. but some are way hot. ok, plenty are both.
-the red sox got the wild card pick again. this time by tying the yank-offs' record. bullshit, if ya ask me. well, what's bullshit is the part where there would have been a mini playoff had cleveland also tied the sox and yanks. stupid crazy baseball rules. anyhoo, GO RED SOX!
-we went to some parties. much fun was had.
-clearly, i forgot how to be dryly humorous. i'll work on that for next time.