oh werd?

::dusts off keyboard::

when was i here last? oops. i like to be more reliable to my faithful readers. all three of them.

so, um what happened since i've been gone?
-we stopped the war. er, we said 'make levees not war,' which became the theme of the protests, according to the news media. they failed to mention the part where tons of veterans were there, including veterans of this particular war.
-i got a job. at the Onion. i'm wicked psyched. i started today. and worked 9 hours. woah. i was gonna work more, but things didn't work right when i got them home, oops.
-i started design school. i'm so trendy. and, it's a shit-ton of work.
-i learned--or re-learned, rather--that some boys are mega-tools. but some are way hot. ok, plenty are both.
-the red sox got the wild card pick again. this time by tying the yank-offs' record. bullshit, if ya ask me. well, what's bullshit is the part where there would have been a mini playoff had cleveland also tied the sox and yanks. stupid crazy baseball rules. anyhoo, GO RED SOX!
-we went to some parties. much fun was had.
-clearly, i forgot how to be dryly humorous. i'll work on that for next time.


  1. I'm sorry, but "oh, werd?" is a copyrighted trademark of Digging a Hole blog.

  2. You have more than three readers. We just don't all post comments.

    oh gosh, redsox.com has a terrible headline right now: "For starters, Red Sox thrown to the Matt".

    go sox.


  3. yes. go sox. :-) meaning the baseball team from the south side of chicago.

  4. Whoa, Carrie still reads blogs?

  5. Um, by the looks of it I say you have at least 4 readers of your blog! P.S. please do work on that dry humor of yours!! and P.P.S. I know you put the word verification thing to prevent "BLammers" (another invented word by yours truly: Blog + Spammers= Blammers), but seriously it's a tad annoying, espically after I accidentally typed the wrong 3 times!!!!!

    Your fav WESfiltraitor,