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Where the food is. And the door to the bathroom. Check out the awesome shower curtain, thanks to KPd!

Living Room

living room
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Here's where we play Settlers. And sometimes I read there, if it's not hot enough out to make me hide in the bedroom (see below)

The view

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Here's what I see from my bedroom window. More excitingly, what I see *in* my bedroom window is an air conditioner.


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Here's where I sleep, and work for the moment. As always, IKEA-tastic!

The 'hood

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Here's our street, as seen from my roommate's bedroom. It's a cute, neighborhood-y spot, right near the park and the subway and trendy 7th Ave.


harry potter!!!

well, i finished reading harry potter and the half blood prince. rawkin good book, but not my favorite. i'll post in the comments section so as to prevent accidental spoilage. so, don't click comments if you a) don't want to read spoilers or b) don't care.



i saw my first 'don't blame me, i voted for kerry' bumper-sticker this evening. it was worn enough that it was probably there before friday, and it's nowhere near as cool as the original, but this rove story is beginning look at least a little like 1972... i imagine.

it's not just that it's fun to watch the Republicans squirm (but oh man is it fun...)

we've all been hurt, over the past six years, and disappointed, by the wusses who try to pass for the Left in this country, when they failed to produce dynamic, likeable candidates in 2000 and 2004; when they misplaced their balls over the iraq war issue; when they were forced into a "compromise" over the federal judges... some of us curled up into the foedal position ready to hibernate until 2008 (hey that rhymes!)

but there is a new hope for the Democrats and for we the forces of good in this nation. perhaps it's only a small glimmer of a speck of a dream (hey, dubya's media machine makes "it depends on what the definition of 'is' is" look like "i am not a crook"... ok i'm not really sure what that means). but for the first time in a long time, the White House is running scared.

really scared.

and forget that they deserve far worse.

we finally have some hope that maybe the country will wake up and, come fall of 2006 (two whole years early!) vote in some people who won't let the neocons get away with whatever they want; that maybe the media will start asking real questions and printing real stories; that maybe, just maybe... can we let ourselves dream?... somebody in this administration may just be forced to resign (or get fired... or... impeached? well, that one would depend on the Dems winning back the House on '06, or the GOP deciding to cut and run from the Dubya drones).

It's not just schadenfreude that's making the Left excited to turn on the Al Franken show and read the New York Times in the morning. Could we actually get some level-headed, honest people back in the Executive branch... and the other two too? Dare we dream?

And this time, if the neocons pull through with a full deck, we're *definitely* moving to Canada.


Most-updated blog!

Of the three blogs I post(ed) too (this, eurotrip04, and oniondreams), this one, as of this post, has the most posts. Eurotrip04 of course has lots of posts because it's one post per picture, because that was easiest from flickr.

Anyhoo, here's the actual post:

From the annals of Oniondreams

Says Paul Krugman in today's opinion piece,

To understand where the budget deficit came from, you can't do better than the Jan. 18, 2001, issue of the satirical newspaper The Onion, which predicted the future with eerie precision. "We must squander our nation's hard-won budget surplus on tax breaks for the wealthiest 15 percent," the magazine's spoof had the president-elect declare. "And, on the foreign front, we must find an enemy and defeat it."

So, for those of you new to badass title, or just generally not in the know (out of the know?) there was for a short time last summer another blog called oniondreams, which linked articles in the real news that looked more like The Onion than they did like real news. Now, it has come full circle, and the actual news has come to resemble an actual Onion article. Well, i guess it had happened by a year or two ago, but this doesn't change the fact that The Onion pre-emptively reported the actual news.



so, i've moved to brooklyn. i have no mattress yet, but that should be delivered today. we also have no gas, but someone's coming to look at that today too. we do have a subletter, who so far is pretty cool. and who plays settlers! tmq is gonna have to learn to play now. today's project is to set up all my shit where it goes, so that i'm not overflowing into tmq's room anymore. and so that the mattress can actually go on the bed. i hope to post a photo essay of it all soon... but, i'm on poached wireless from my work computer now, and my pictures i manage on my own computer, so... we'll see... ooh i wonder how much airPort cards cost...

gimme a call/email/something if you're in the area! let's hang out!