harry potter!!!

well, i finished reading harry potter and the half blood prince. rawkin good book, but not my favorite. i'll post in the comments section so as to prevent accidental spoilage. so, don't click comments if you a) don't want to read spoilers or b) don't care.


  1. So, my thoughts:

    -yeah, sad and all that dumbledore died, but we've all know that'd happen since book 1, right?

    -dumbledore trusted snape for a stupid reason

    -still pretty cool that snape turned out bad. leaves door open for malfoy to repent, if he doesn't get killed by V

    -part in the cave was just like two parts of lord of the rings (the paths of the dead and the bog where frodo almost gets sucked down by dead people floating around), and the legend of zelda

    -did anyone *not* figure out who REB is? can't wait for that plotline in book 7

    -fact that they buried dumbledore in hogwarts makes it really disturbing that they might close the school... that'd be disrespectful to his memory

    -book 5 was way more badass and anti-establishment, but i guess being uncooperative with scrimgeour is ok... needs to be further developed in book 7

    -come to think of it, there's lots that needs to be further developed in book 7... but, we all knew the last two books are really one story (or, those of us who read mugglenet every other day)

    in other news,

    charlie and the chocolate factory is *amazing*!

  2. Johnny Depp makes my heart sparkle...