hey dude, let's start a band! we'll have violins, acoustic and electric, and a couple keyboards, and then the standard electric lead, back-up, and bass guitars, and drums of course. only, the drums will have like 20 symbols. we'll play christmas music! i mean, heavy metal! we'll play heavy metal christmas music! and have lights! and lasers! and fire!

thus was born the trans-siberian orchestra.

i went to their christmas show tonight. it was loud. and bright. i've been deafened by concerts before, but this was the first time i was also blinded. it was pretty awesome. and 80s-tastic.

the rest of christmas was awesome as well. i have about 3 1/2 new scarves. sweet.


july 16, 2005: it's official! of course last time, we only had to wait till june 20 or something... grr... anyhoo, i can't wait! it's the first item on my birthday list =D

for those of you who are not as big nerds as me, and who i haven't told already, i'm talking about harry potter 6. yay!

up for discussion: what will happen/what will we find out?

i say, hermione and ron will totally hook up.


badass title... shizzolated! (the shizzolator version of the most recent post)

i heart christmas." yeah, maybe that shiznit's consumerist 'n kinda ridiculous 'n bordering on sacrilegious, 'n maybe i'm not even izzall that religious myself, but that shiznit just makes me feel izzall warm 'n squishy inside n' shit. so there, know what I'm sayin'?

so today i went see da nutcracker wit my little bro (trob) 'n tha dude's brizzle (jswift) n' shit. that shiznit wuz better than i remembered =D problematic yes (racist, sexist, heteronormative, exotifying other cultures, classist, yo' ass name that shiznit." ..), but amazing 'n beautiful at da same time, know what I'm sayin'? i couldn't help but wonder why i never tried out be in that shiznit (in da boston ballet version." .. i wuz in a different one)." then i remembered i wuz too tall fo' any of da parts fo' da level i wuz in, know what I'm sayin'? i wuz probably not skinny 'nuff either, know what I'm sayin'? 'n of course, da one i did had way mo' choreography fo' da kids do, 'n wuz probably mo' fun (i wuz an angel, know what I'm sayin'? .. there wuz a fog machine 'n everything!) n' shit.

so after da show we gots thai food in da theater district, know what I'm sayin'? then we came crib." then i WON SETTLERS! i RULE! n' shit. .. at colonizing hexagonal cardboard islands, know what I'm sayin'?

i heart christmas. yeah, maybe it's consumerist and kinda ridiculous and bordering on sacrilegious, and maybe i'm not even all that religious myself, but it just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. so there.

so today i went to see the nutcracker with my little bro (trob) and his girlfriend (jswift). it was better than i remembered =D problematic yes (racist, sexist, heteronormative, exotifying other cultures, classist, you name it...), but amazing and beautiful at the same time. i couldn't help but wonder why i never tried out to be in it (in the boston ballet version... i was in a different one). then i remembered i was too tall for any of the parts for the level i was in. i was probably not skinny enough either. and of course, the one i did had way more choreography for the kids to do, and was probably more fun (i was an angel... there was a fog machine and everything!).

so after the show we got thai food in the theater district. then we came home. then i WON SETTLERS! i RULE! ... at colonizing hexagonal cardboard islands.



my long-awaited return! or... well, i heard people wanted some procrastination during finals.

so today i'm writing from the exotic family room! that's right, my little bro is home and he brought his laptop. and his girlfriend. pretty cool girl, but quite unappreciative of the strong bad emails. shame, really. the laptop is sweet tho. rawk, rawk on! (oh btw, little bro, i used your laptop, hope ya don't mind =D)

so besides the harry potter, which everybody and their mother seems to be re-reading, i've been all kinds of busy. went to wes last weekend, and conquored the swing. but then rbrig's skates conquored my ankles. and since last saturday i've been schooled thrice in settlers. i guess i just suck at colonizing poor defenseless (aside from the bandit) islands.

the week since has been long. had a great yoga class on tuesday, but haven't been able to go back since, due to busy-ness. wednesday night was the bridge club christmas party, at which my dad and i got schooled as well. then on thursday night we went out to legal seafood for dinner. last night i saw 'the incredibles' with the sadownik. it was, as she says, *amazing.* afterward, we chatted at toys 'r' us for lack of a better place to go (or, any open place for that matter). hey, it was cold. she hadn't heard about the school exploding, so i gave her the third-hand version. and we discussed the ridiculousness that are bratz (some new doll, like barbie).

so today we made christmas cookies! krumkaker, or crumb cookies. they're like waffle cones, only way more fragile and buttery. so mom did the bit with the iron, and them passed them to me and the bro and his gf, and we rolled them into tubes before they cooled too much to be rollable. or shaped them into cups using two real cups. so, with burned fingers, we went out and got a chrismas tree. now everyone's gone out, leaving me alone with the computer and 'carnivale' on hbo (reruns).


You scored as Voltron. Take it back to the original morphing mechanical thingies. Voltron could so lay the smack down on those gay little Power Rangers.



Strawberry Shortcake












Which 1980's Cartoon Character are you?
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in other news, i moved power tools today.


last night i dreamed about picking up litter, post-appocalypse. it was kind of like the decordova exhibit, "the architect's brother" by robert parkeharrison, in dream form.

i also dreamed about 'sex and the city,' but i don't remember what the plot developments were.

then i woke up to discover my away message had been stolen.


i've decided on the 10h-12th of december to visit wes. it's all before finals and shiznit. so, spread the word. and plan a party. or not, but i do hope to go out with all my favorite 05's! maybe i'll charge my camera this time... i'll def. charge my *new phone*! (ooooh... and yes, i'm still excited about it)

so tonight i'm finally getting my first-aid training for leap, now that i might not be working for them beyond 3 more weeks... oh well.

also, we're nearing the end of our trip in euroblog--check out our latest hiking-climbing-not dying expedition! and comment! oh comment here too. as KPd says, digital love, werd.