my long-awaited return! or... well, i heard people wanted some procrastination during finals.

so today i'm writing from the exotic family room! that's right, my little bro is home and he brought his laptop. and his girlfriend. pretty cool girl, but quite unappreciative of the strong bad emails. shame, really. the laptop is sweet tho. rawk, rawk on! (oh btw, little bro, i used your laptop, hope ya don't mind =D)

so besides the harry potter, which everybody and their mother seems to be re-reading, i've been all kinds of busy. went to wes last weekend, and conquored the swing. but then rbrig's skates conquored my ankles. and since last saturday i've been schooled thrice in settlers. i guess i just suck at colonizing poor defenseless (aside from the bandit) islands.

the week since has been long. had a great yoga class on tuesday, but haven't been able to go back since, due to busy-ness. wednesday night was the bridge club christmas party, at which my dad and i got schooled as well. then on thursday night we went out to legal seafood for dinner. last night i saw 'the incredibles' with the sadownik. it was, as she says, *amazing.* afterward, we chatted at toys 'r' us for lack of a better place to go (or, any open place for that matter). hey, it was cold. she hadn't heard about the school exploding, so i gave her the third-hand version. and we discussed the ridiculousness that are bratz (some new doll, like barbie).

so today we made christmas cookies! krumkaker, or crumb cookies. they're like waffle cones, only way more fragile and buttery. so mom did the bit with the iron, and them passed them to me and the bro and his gf, and we rolled them into tubes before they cooled too much to be rollable. or shaped them into cups using two real cups. so, with burned fingers, we went out and got a chrismas tree. now everyone's gone out, leaving me alone with the computer and 'carnivale' on hbo (reruns).

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  1. Sounds like a lot of conquering! And schooling! (oh wait, I was schooled, too).

    Oh yeah, and there's now this huge tripod platform in the yard across the street, perhaps 20 feet tall. Is one supposed to climb up a tree, walk the plank across to it, and then do the swing? I don't even know! It looks really, really scary.

    Well hooray for blogging. It's been too long. And boo to social psych studying, even if it's often fairly interesting. Not as interesting as making banana bread or reading blogs, though.

    seeya sometime soon,