i've decided on the 10h-12th of december to visit wes. it's all before finals and shiznit. so, spread the word. and plan a party. or not, but i do hope to go out with all my favorite 05's! maybe i'll charge my camera this time... i'll def. charge my *new phone*! (ooooh... and yes, i'm still excited about it)

so tonight i'm finally getting my first-aid training for leap, now that i might not be working for them beyond 3 more weeks... oh well.

also, we're nearing the end of our trip in euroblog--check out our latest hiking-climbing-not dying expedition! and comment! oh comment here too. as KPd says, digital love, werd.


  1. ooh, why won't you be working there in 3 weeks?

  2. it might be longer; i dunno, i'm just hoping to move soon... whether that means finding a job or finding an apartment (both have to be done, it's just the order that's still not set in stone)