i wanna go back to wes before winter break. when's a good time?

so thanksgiving was fun. food- family- and friends-tastic. went to decordova again, with awill this time (friend from highschool... the wes email nickname version of course). decided to take a tour of the current exhibit, thinking "maybe we'll learn some cool stuff about the artist." no. it was an "interactive tour," meaning, "i don't have a fucking clue any more than you do about this stuff, so i'm gonna ask what you all think about it and under the guise of not putting ideas in anyone's heads about what these pictures mean i'll ask leading questions to get you to use words like 'surreal.'" so we left the tour and looked at the pretty pictures ourselves. the exhibit is this amazing post-apocolyptic photo-painting set of pictures based loosely on the little prince. all should come check it out. tomorrow awill and i will check out the new high school. it's fun doing all this stuff i don't think to do normally but bring other people to when they visit from out of town. ok, i go to decordova plenty on my own too. but it's more exciting to see how many of my friends i can get in for free by various means.


  1. Lemme know when you plan to go up to WES, I wanna come up as well.

  2. I'm finished - oh wait, I'm writing a thesis, I won't be finished until April - but I'm sort of more finished after Dec. 17th. I'll be at wes until the 23rd, and I think my housemates will be around until the 21st/22nd too.

    Also, if any of you want to visit just me, I'll be back at wes, probably by myself for at least 2 weeks, on Jan 3. A friend from HS might come visit (!) then, but I'll probably spend most of my time on my thesis (!!!) and at work.