wow, everyone has papers to write huh...

i can tell by all the hits the blog's gotten today... so, to fulfill my duty as person-with-no-homework, i'll post something to keep y'alls occupied while you try to avoid doing your own work. it might be boring tho; i haven't felt so creative lately. and i haven't been up to much.

let's see... i did see i <3 huckabees again, and it was still just as good. go see it when you don't have work. also i saw polar express. that was with leap; i wouldn't go see it on my otherwise. turns out it kinda sucks. i mean, the kids enjoyed it, but it was pretty crappy at entertaining adults. none of those jokes that only grown-ups get like in shrek; just bad acting by a bunch of cartoon kids with adult voices. and almost every voice was tom hanks, and it was pretty obvious too. the book was way better, this time because they had to add crap to the movie because the book was too short. then there were the roller-coaster type scenes, which belong in imax movies but not regular ones.

so i've been updating eurotrip04 with exciting stories and such. go look! and comment! pictures are always fun...

ooh also--sick of dumb wespeaks? well here's some real news to keep ya amused.

hm... sorry... still not much exciting to tell i guess. maybe soon.

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