gadgets and doodads

so before the whole finger-slicing incident, i was thinking about a sort of ode to my office post. so here it is, plus other stuff.

so my automatic answer to "what do you do?" is "oh i work at an afterschool program, and then i help out at an office, and i do some subcontracted programming for my mom." i realized this isn't very descriptive and to some extent does a disservice to my office job. so:

ode to my office

so i work at wells research and design, which makes optical testing equipment. like to test cell phone camera lenses and stuff. my boss invents the stuff, so he's one of those cool scatterbrained inventor types. he also has a daughter at wes, but that's another story.

so at the office, there are wicked cool doodads all over the place. like irises (like the one in your eye, only mechanical). and tons of stuff whose use i could never begin to guess. sometimes i go in and unpack a box full of the kind of doodads the company sells, and then re-pack it into differently sized boxes. sometimes my boss and i take measurements using the equipment. there are razor blades all over the place, cuz my boss likes to use them to cut stuff. well, xacto knives come in handy to make some stuff i guess, and cut labels and stuff; the blades help in the opening boxes and cutting tape. and slicing fingers, as i'm sure you all know. they add a sense of adventure and badassocity to the office setting. sometimes i sweep floors and call "remove this number from you fax-spam list" numbers, which isn't the most fun part. but sometimes i get to wear cool uv-blocking safety goggles and glue stuff together with cool uv-reactive glue that is applied with a syringe. it's no ordinary office job.

christmas came early!

i mean, sort of... kindofnotreally...

i got a new cell phone! it came with a new number, because now it's on a family share plan. it's a 781 number (middle boston suburbs area), but that's a small price to pay to not have to pay for my own whole plan. email me for the new number. i mean, email anyway, if ya know me. anyhoo, i <3 my new phone! it's an LG-VX4600 flip phone. verizon. this means it has no camera, but it does have a huge color screen and way fancier ringtones than the old phone. also, it won't turn off randomly due to battery slippage. also it's way small. and i think it vibrates. and i can make calls from my own house! which is kind of in a dead zone. and it does that thing where the same person can have a few different numbers, so i don't have to designate something as "someone cell" and another one as "someone home." this may all be standard, but it's new to me, so i'm excited. so gimme a call! ... once you have my number. or at home if you have that number.


  1. Umm, can I just say, your office sounds amazing?!

    I want to work some day in a job where I get to wear safety goggles...

    Oh and the 4600 is very very similar to my phone. So cute and small and good. Yay.


  2. I try to integrate safety goggles into my life as often as possible.
    Baking cookies? Who knows what could happen!
    Cutting onions? Only a fool wouldn't wear eye protection.
    Vintage "Digging a Hole" (see May and June) features pictures of me wearing goggles for pick-axe wielding purposes.
    I think they look badarse when worn jauntily on the side of one's head, or the back.... Yeah... =D

  3. WERD TO GOGGLES!!! (remember: SAFETY FIRST!)

    ps new blog: www.avenel.blogspot.com