call the doctor...

... i have dnc fever.
it all started yesterday (monday... as it'll probably be after midnight by the time anyone reads this... hell it might not even technically be posted before then), when i heard that bill clinton would be the big speaker on the night's agenda at the convention. plus of course, with all the talk about closing roads and hellish traffic, i had to see what all the fuss was about. so at 7pm est, my mom and i hunkered down to watch the coverage. we tried pbs; we tried abc; we tried... oh wait, those were the only networks covering it at 7. pbs and abc had stories about traffic and protestors. and they showed the main speeches. then at 8, abc stopped covering it at all--i guess reruns of dumb gender-role comedies was more important. we decided to try our luck with cable...
it paid off! cnn also had nothing, but then a light shone from above, and we discovered........... c-span! woot! they were showing the whole thing, it was as if we were there! woot!
so al gore spoke, and it was better than any of his campaign speeches. it got me all fired up, like i was ready to walk right out the door, get in my car, and drive to cambridge to go get a drink with ben to celebrate his 21t birthday.
so that's what i did. and the thirsty scholar, in cambridge (or somerville?) has murphy's, guinness, smithwick's, and boddington's, all draught! and coverage of the sox winning 12-5! what more could a person want! so i missed the rest of the speeches.
so today, i got up to go to the take back america event with my mom. we got there at noon, two hours early, and the line was already around the block on account of everyone wanting to see michael moore and whatnot. so after two hours, about 500 media peeps get in instead of us. so we get to go to the patio out back and see everyone after they speak inside, which was an ok compromise but i'm not going back tomorrow. so howard dean was first, and was energetic and stuff. then a bunch of people who were ok, and then a couple more people who were good (like Dem. candidate for mass governor reich, who quipped that one shouldn't listen to the Rep. line about average income and average tax cut becasue the average height of himself (reich, a very short man) and shaq is 6/1"). maybe ya had to be there. anyhoo, finally at 5:15 michael moore comes on and speaks for about half an hour about how horrible bush, cheney, fox 'news' channel, and others are, and is also great. i'm pretty ready to take back america, that's for damn sure. or at least to...
get chinese food! so we did that on the way home, and then sat down to watch bill o'reilly host michael moore, and then add his own spin on moore's responses and questions (good luck finding more than the transcript of the interview... and watch out, the site really slowed down my computer). then it was more of the convention, but less exciting. except for barack obama. can i vote for him for prez? please?
so then i watched the daily show. and now i'm blogging. woot to the 21st century.


now i've gone and done it...

I went and joined friendster. Sorry to those others who signed the pact, but... well Beth broke it already anyway. So, add me as your friend (whoever i could find probably already got an email or whatever)! And give me a job in NYC, as that's why I joined in the first place. And I'd been drinking.


oh and while i'm posting


Attempt #1

... at making Irish Coffee a complete failure (although my parents enjoyed the Irish-American Coffee I pieced together)
-Rye whiskey should only be used when one prefers a nasty rye taste in the throat to that lovely numb-tongue feeling of the real thing
-Have heavy, somewhat whipped (?) cream handy beforehand
-Make the coffee strong


numbah five

Hm... been a while I see... yes...
Back only two days from Ireland, and already sick/afraid of US politics.
Not five minutes after exiting the airplane at JFK, we passed by US Immigration (which we got to skip, having done it in Shannon Airport on the way home), and were snapped sharply back into the gun-toting near police state that is the United States. Customs was nowhere near as bad as I worried, however.
So the next day (also known as Friday, or yesterday), I went to see Farenheit 9/11 with my mom (also known as... Mom). Now, it was great and all, but I already didn't like Bush and the film only made me depressed about it. Very powerful tho, and cool that so many Independents are seeing it--and then planning on voting for Kerry.
So then today I climbed Wachusett Mountain with my dad, wearing shorts for the first time in about six weeks (woo humidity! or... kinda... not... but woo summer weather!).
That's all for now (guess I'm a little rusty) but keep an eye this week for such excitement as Making My First Irish Coffee and Seeing Howard Dean and Michael Moore at Take Back America (also known as Dean for America version 2.0... I think).