numbah five

Hm... been a while I see... yes...
Back only two days from Ireland, and already sick/afraid of US politics.
Not five minutes after exiting the airplane at JFK, we passed by US Immigration (which we got to skip, having done it in Shannon Airport on the way home), and were snapped sharply back into the gun-toting near police state that is the United States. Customs was nowhere near as bad as I worried, however.
So the next day (also known as Friday, or yesterday), I went to see Farenheit 9/11 with my mom (also known as... Mom). Now, it was great and all, but I already didn't like Bush and the film only made me depressed about it. Very powerful tho, and cool that so many Independents are seeing it--and then planning on voting for Kerry.
So then today I climbed Wachusett Mountain with my dad, wearing shorts for the first time in about six weeks (woo humidity! or... kinda... not... but woo summer weather!).
That's all for now (guess I'm a little rusty) but keep an eye this week for such excitement as Making My First Irish Coffee and Seeing Howard Dean and Michael Moore at Take Back America (also known as Dean for America version 2.0... I think).


  1. I would like to suggest that you amend "woo humidity" to "BOO humidity sucks and is terrible and i hate it." Of course, I've been in the swamp known as D.C. all summer, so my perspective may be different than yours. -rc

  2. oh that's what the 'oh... kinda... not...' was about... turns out ireland is kinda cold, like in the 60's and drizzly every day, so it was nice to actually get summer weather for once. of course, that didn't last very long, and now it's just humid. but this week will be cooler, luckily =)

  3. Wow, Beth is up on the tv advertising up in these parts. "mountain skiing, minutes away".

    Of course, the spelling is actually Wachusett, not Wachuset.