now i've gone and done it...

I went and joined friendster. Sorry to those others who signed the pact, but... well Beth broke it already anyway. So, add me as your friend (whoever i could find probably already got an email or whatever)! And give me a job in NYC, as that's why I joined in the first place. And I'd been drinking.


  1. i friendstered you. i hope you approve me. also, you need a picture on friendster!

    and regarding the job thing, I saw something for a job in NYC, but it was an LGBTQI thing that I thought wouldn't interest you and you wouldn't really be qualified for either. it requested extensive involvement with and/or knowledge of LGBTQI things...

  2. i can't figure any of this friendster stuff out... i friendstered like 5 people and seeing as you and beth already replied, can't figure out why i still have no friends... or, friendster friends...

  3. if you need a friendster photo, i believe this fine website might have one?

  4. Werd,
    People should help me find a job too! I can't do construction work for my dad forever!!!