yahoo search sucks

somebody found my blog (yes, right here, these random, dry, sarcastic thoughts about my quite insignificant life) by doing a yahoo search for 'sore throat AND Amoxicilin' (they didn't actually put it in quotes). i tried it myself, and found an archived page about when i was sick last fall. how is this helpful to somebody trying to learn about treating a sore throat? i mean, i don't mind the odd random wanderer finding my page, but seriously if this is the seventh hit, that's a problem. other times, people have found it by searching for song titles and other random, normal-to-search-for things. oh, how strange... not that i care if random people read this, but i doubt they care about me seeing this concert or that multi-million dollar art installment in central park. speaking of which, anyone who'll be in central park on saturday afternoon should call me.

i thought i had something else to say. um... oh, i had one of those vivid nyquil-induced dreams the other night like becca commented about, so yeah becca, i sometimes get wicked vivid dreams on nyquil. so weird.

ok, i'ma try to take some self-portraits and then go to bed. anyone up for some thrift store shopping sometime soon?



::insert classic green-souding (to me at least) 'er' theme music here::

echoing KPd, i need health insurance, werd.

so, i had this sore throat for a week. i still kinda have it in fact, only now it feels more like my throat has scabbed over and gone rather numb, which is somewhat of an improvement i suppose. anyhoo, it didn't feel like strep, so i didn't bother seeing a doctor. instead i went to work all week. finally i thought, ya never know, maybe i should get this checked out. this was always easiest at wes, as it involved merely walking across campus and asking to see someone, and then even if it was viral they gave me a cold pack (which was the best my frosh year--it included ricola cough drops and packets of just-add-water chicken-type soup and was rawktastic), and were generally mom-like. it was still pretty good at my hmo at home, as i would pay the co-pay and then they'd take a look and tell me it was viral.

last fall, when i went back to my hmo doctor after my hmo coverage had ended, they made me feel like an idiot for being uninsured. this was of course on top of already being sick. but at least the doctor said it was bacterial and i got medicine that made it go away.

today, like the rest of uninsured america, i went to the emergency room. for a sore throat.

cut to waiting room. me sitting there reading my book.

fast forward to waiting room, me sitting there, reading my book.

fast forward to waiting room, me sitting there, reading my book, only this time i have a hospital bracelet because i've been to the window where they ask who to bill and what my birthday is.

fast forward to me sitting in the exam room this time, reading my book and looking at ear-nose-throat poster.

doctor sees me for about a minute, says i don't have strep and therefore need only rest and fluids, and maybe tylenol.

3 hours after arriving, i get to leave, now feeling like an idiot for going in the first place, as it was rather antithetical to that rest thing. better to make sure of course, but this visit cost way more than the $5 copay of old.

60-something percent of this country would like universal health care even if it would mean higher taxes. werd to that. it'd be way cheaper than this fuckin' war. not that we're paying for much medical care for vets either. just tanks and bombs and guns. i mean, dead people don't even have to pay the copay i guess.

* * *

in other news, i hear there's some peace march thing in boston on 20 march (the day after the ones in nyc and hartford). my house always has places to sleep, if anyone needs one. i may go to the demo, if there's anyone to go with. i might even be convinceable as to the nyc one... fucking iran war, goddamnit.

ok i gotta go watch the soup. meaning, actually watch the soup.


Oh, the good old hockey game

is the best game you can name!

in an awesome-tastic stroke of karma, this dude gave me and my dad a pair o' tickets to the BU hockey game this evening. not only that, but the tickets got us into the free parking lot and also into the free club dinner area. where we ran into my aunt! and then, the seats were *this close* to ray bourque's (his son is a frosh on the BU team, and amazing at hockey)! and by this close, i mean about 30 feet away. but unless i randomly passed the guy on the highway sometime without knowing, that's the closest i've ever been to RAY BOURQUE ever! also, the BU fans are *amazing*! not that "::clap clap clap clap:: BC SUCKS!!!" is a very inventive chant, especially seeing as they were playing UMass (remind you of any other boston-based sports fans? hm...), but they've got a little more character than most pro sports fans. aw, i miss playing hockey.

then, between the second and third periods, we got dessert! also, at that time, some people went SNOW TUBE BOWLING on the ice! it had all the charm of single-a baseball, and all the... um... hockey of a hockey game! woot woot!


just the best party

no, i don't mean rcart's birthday, altho that would work as well.

on 6 march (the first sunday of spring break), world/inferno friendship society is playing at the middle east, in cambridge. who wants to come!? you could crash at my place. unless you're one of those random people who arrived here via that 'Next Blog' button. but, if you're my friend, come go to the show with me. yay.

i heart spring

except for the nagging cold. which has nothing to do with spring. but, it's not really spring yet anyway. it's just warm. until this weekend rolls around. oh well, maybe i'll stay home all day and get healthy, for real this time. the saturday after (26th), i'm going down to nyc to see the orange shower curtains--come hang out if you're nearby.
next week is vacation! and i might just spend it catching up on work i missed when i was sick last week. or, i'll take a day off and go snowboarding. or both.
as for this week, i'm planning on nyquil-sleep and suphedrine-hyper, alternating. who's in?


3 Limes to Freedom

Wow. Rawktastic weekend down at the WesU. And no duct tape-clad 17-year-olds in sight. In conclusion, seeing and hanging out and partying with friends=amazing. The rest of being back at Wes=surreal and weird. But overall, the weekend was looing.

So then i get home tonight and we're having this dinner event with family friends. Only, it's more like a St. John reunion (see earlier post, about the Caribbean). Complete with rum punch, with floaters. Only floater #2 is over an ounce of rum on its own. And then we have some single-barrel as a post-dinner something. And I thougt my WesFriends would try to get me drunk...

Anyhoo, great weekend all around. Only, I still need to finish my photo homework in time to get the slides developed for Thursday. Stupid 36 exposure film.


phoning it in

so, this week, i have been sick. upsides include sleeping in. downsides include needing tons of sleep. and soup. soup is an upside until one gets sick of it... no pun intended. however, being sick this week did mean i got to participate in my first Conference Call! otherwise, it would have been a company meeting, that i would have missed due to being at my other job when it happened. as it is, i put the phone on speaker and mute, so i could hear what was going on while sitting nearly upside-down in the comfy chair in the family room. and i got paid for it! or, i will, once i get my paycheck. and by paycheck i mean direct deposit.

in other news, i start a photography class tonight! nothing fancy like darkroom skillz, but we'll learn about f-stops and stuff. i think. oh, and composition! which KPd and i learned all about in drawing class last year. we also learned all about just how little sleep makes one feel ill monday morning, when one is more active than merely sitting on one's arse in paclab. turns out, about 2 hours for the whole weekend does that. but it's nothing a little ass-kicking (read: self-defense class) can't cure!

hm... you know things are bad when you have to revert to stories from "the good old days" when you were still in college. whoops. oh, speaking of which, i'll be down at wes this weekend to party it up with RCart, birthday style. werd.