Oh, the good old hockey game

is the best game you can name!

in an awesome-tastic stroke of karma, this dude gave me and my dad a pair o' tickets to the BU hockey game this evening. not only that, but the tickets got us into the free parking lot and also into the free club dinner area. where we ran into my aunt! and then, the seats were *this close* to ray bourque's (his son is a frosh on the BU team, and amazing at hockey)! and by this close, i mean about 30 feet away. but unless i randomly passed the guy on the highway sometime without knowing, that's the closest i've ever been to RAY BOURQUE ever! also, the BU fans are *amazing*! not that "::clap clap clap clap:: BC SUCKS!!!" is a very inventive chant, especially seeing as they were playing UMass (remind you of any other boston-based sports fans? hm...), but they've got a little more character than most pro sports fans. aw, i miss playing hockey.

then, between the second and third periods, we got dessert! also, at that time, some people went SNOW TUBE BOWLING on the ice! it had all the charm of single-a baseball, and all the... um... hockey of a hockey game! woot woot!


  1. That reminds me of the Devils (sigh).
    dut, dut, dut, DUNNN DUT
    dut, dut, dut, DUNNN DUT
    dut, dut, dut, DUNNN DUT
    DUT! DUT! DUT!

  2. Ahh, new comment-posting format. Oh how strange.

    Anyhow, I really liked the way your sentence about the chants was structured so it seemed like the point of the sentence had been made before the word "especially", but then what's actually funny about it is still to come.

    (did that make any sense?)

  3. speaking of which, no more quotes list! oh no! you'll have to put it somewhere else...

    and werd to the new comment format. i kinda like it. especially the not having to go through 4 pages if i'm not already logged in, just so i can leave a comment not anonymously.