yahoo search sucks

somebody found my blog (yes, right here, these random, dry, sarcastic thoughts about my quite insignificant life) by doing a yahoo search for 'sore throat AND Amoxicilin' (they didn't actually put it in quotes). i tried it myself, and found an archived page about when i was sick last fall. how is this helpful to somebody trying to learn about treating a sore throat? i mean, i don't mind the odd random wanderer finding my page, but seriously if this is the seventh hit, that's a problem. other times, people have found it by searching for song titles and other random, normal-to-search-for things. oh, how strange... not that i care if random people read this, but i doubt they care about me seeing this concert or that multi-million dollar art installment in central park. speaking of which, anyone who'll be in central park on saturday afternoon should call me.

i thought i had something else to say. um... oh, i had one of those vivid nyquil-induced dreams the other night like becca commented about, so yeah becca, i sometimes get wicked vivid dreams on nyquil. so weird.

ok, i'ma try to take some self-portraits and then go to bed. anyone up for some thrift store shopping sometime soon?


  1. ok, so I hate to be that guy, but.. I must point out that when you do the search with Amoxicillin spelled correctly, your blog doesn't make #7.

    sorry to be a jerk.

    back to paper writing for me..

  2. ah, but when you do the same search on Google, it asks, "Did you mean 'sore throat AND amoxicillin?" Plus, other correctly spelled searches for things like song titles find my page as well. My point about Yahoo Search stands.