i heart spring

except for the nagging cold. which has nothing to do with spring. but, it's not really spring yet anyway. it's just warm. until this weekend rolls around. oh well, maybe i'll stay home all day and get healthy, for real this time. the saturday after (26th), i'm going down to nyc to see the orange shower curtains--come hang out if you're nearby.
next week is vacation! and i might just spend it catching up on work i missed when i was sick last week. or, i'll take a day off and go snowboarding. or both.
as for this week, i'm planning on nyquil-sleep and suphedrine-hyper, alternating. who's in?


  1. hey, it's becca. i'm in on that nyquil/sudefed tripping. in fact, i have been for a few days now. :) does nyquil give you weird vivid dreams too?

  2. i wish... i love vivid dreams. i think i have been having them, but haven't remembered any.