::insert classic green-souding (to me at least) 'er' theme music here::

echoing KPd, i need health insurance, werd.

so, i had this sore throat for a week. i still kinda have it in fact, only now it feels more like my throat has scabbed over and gone rather numb, which is somewhat of an improvement i suppose. anyhoo, it didn't feel like strep, so i didn't bother seeing a doctor. instead i went to work all week. finally i thought, ya never know, maybe i should get this checked out. this was always easiest at wes, as it involved merely walking across campus and asking to see someone, and then even if it was viral they gave me a cold pack (which was the best my frosh year--it included ricola cough drops and packets of just-add-water chicken-type soup and was rawktastic), and were generally mom-like. it was still pretty good at my hmo at home, as i would pay the co-pay and then they'd take a look and tell me it was viral.

last fall, when i went back to my hmo doctor after my hmo coverage had ended, they made me feel like an idiot for being uninsured. this was of course on top of already being sick. but at least the doctor said it was bacterial and i got medicine that made it go away.

today, like the rest of uninsured america, i went to the emergency room. for a sore throat.

cut to waiting room. me sitting there reading my book.

fast forward to waiting room, me sitting there, reading my book.

fast forward to waiting room, me sitting there, reading my book, only this time i have a hospital bracelet because i've been to the window where they ask who to bill and what my birthday is.

fast forward to me sitting in the exam room this time, reading my book and looking at ear-nose-throat poster.

doctor sees me for about a minute, says i don't have strep and therefore need only rest and fluids, and maybe tylenol.

3 hours after arriving, i get to leave, now feeling like an idiot for going in the first place, as it was rather antithetical to that rest thing. better to make sure of course, but this visit cost way more than the $5 copay of old.

60-something percent of this country would like universal health care even if it would mean higher taxes. werd to that. it'd be way cheaper than this fuckin' war. not that we're paying for much medical care for vets either. just tanks and bombs and guns. i mean, dead people don't even have to pay the copay i guess.

* * *

in other news, i hear there's some peace march thing in boston on 20 march (the day after the ones in nyc and hartford). my house always has places to sleep, if anyone needs one. i may go to the demo, if there's anyone to go with. i might even be convinceable as to the nyc one... fucking iran war, goddamnit.

ok i gotta go watch the soup. meaning, actually watch the soup.

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