What could possibly bring together Democratic Candidate for Congress and the Latin Kings? What else but the May 1 Immigrant General Strike? Now, I do support all peaceful political action, and I support many of the causes of the current anti-anti-immigration movement forming in the US (ok it probably has a better name than that but it's late and I have work in the morning), but ya gotta find that a little hilarious. Other supporters include plenty of communists and socialists (like they do), plus Four Women, Kanadian Posi Kids (what does Canada have to do with this?), Liars of America, and my favorite, Brooklyn's own Church of Stop Shopping (can true Anarchists go on strike? Like, the ones already living outside the capitalist system... How do they strike, try to trade stocks for the day?).

That said, how cool would a general immigrant strike be? In the US, not that uppity France over there. As a first-generation American on one side, should I take a long lunch or something? I'll have to try to not be too protested out after A29.


You'd do better living more and commemorating less

I had 3 topics to post about, and then 4, but I can't remember them... At least, not all of them. But I thought of a 5th. So, 5-[number of things in this post]=[number I could remember now].


I did my taxes. I'm so independent! Ok, so I have yet to mail them, but they're totally printed out. TurboTax rules. Except when it sucks.

So everything was going fine, until I finished my MA return. Then TurboTax found errors. TT needed my 'PY to date'... 'Your what?' you ask. Yeah, I asked too. I ased TurboTax, I asked TurboTax Help, I even asked my dad. Nope. Eventually, I guessed, and entered a date (hey, it said date, right?). It seemed to like it, but then needed my PY from date. So I gave it another date. Totally worked. I rule!

You know you're becoming a New Yorker when...

So we were on the subway yesterday when a woman gets on acting a little odd and swinging a pair of towels around kind of like poi. She's talkin' to herself, like ya do, minding her own business... Then, she's singin' a song about shaking her ass, like ya do. Then, she pulls her pants down to show us, and slap, her naked ass. I of course looked the other way, only to see the reflection in the window, so I concentrated very hard on the subway wall. Like ya do.

What we all realized when we got off the subway was not how amazed and appalled we were by this person's behavior, but how relieved each of us was when she didn't relieve herself on the subway floor. I mean, nobody wants to be in a smelly car.

My birthday party!

Okay, maybe that wasn't one of the orignial 5. Hm... Anyhoo, it's next weekend. Woot! And the weather got warm just in time for a reprise of my infamous punch. Then I screwed up the invitation by trying to be too clever. But I think I fixed it.

The T-Shirt Book

This was definitely not one of the original 5. For those of you keeping score at home, I'm around 2.5.

Anyhoo, I found a book about awesome ways to alter t-shirts. I didn't buy it of course, but i looked through the entire thing at B&N and remembered enough that I want to get lots of awesome t-shirts and make them awesomer with scissors and thread. And maybe safety pins.

The FBI Won't Stop Calling Me

Not the real FBI. Just some telemarketers: 000-000-0000 and 800-424-something. So BSom told me I could auto-ignore the calls if I saved them, so I saved them as FBI, but then I couldn't ignore them at all because my phone's not that fancy. But, I got 13 calls between the two of them on Friday alone (I tried picking up, and both times there was actually nothing on the other end, so maybe not telemarketers but still annoying as shit). My guess is that good old TurboTax sold me out. Jerks.

Final score: 3.5 out of a possible 5