And I don't care if your cell phone has an iPod in it...

do do do do dooooo...

So the New York Times thinks that Apple, Motorola, and Cingular plan to release a cell phone iPod, probably at Apple's press event on 7th September. Now, I love my iPod, and my cell phone, as much as the next kid, but I don't think I'd want them in one package. My first thought was, what if you run down the battery playing music, and then need to make a call? Maybe it has two batteries? But that would be ridiculous.

Generally, I'm not a fan of this wave of multi-use gadget craze. Yeah, it can be fun to take a picture and send it to somebody else's phone, but I'd rather have a phone that works well and a camera that works well and an iPod that works well. And I really don't like the whole idea of sneakily taking pictures with a cell phone, pretending like you're finding a number or whatever. So, that's my rant about silly gadgets. I will say, I have gotten used to the camera phones over the past two years, maybe the same will be true for the iPod phones.

In other news, comments are back! With decipher-the-word-like-when-you-buy-concert-tickets action! Try it today!



new states visited map! (you'll have to check the archive for the old one)
since the road trip, it looks like this!

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not an urban legend after all

It hadn't reached urban-legendary enough status to make snopes (which has a new top navigation banner, but the same old look on the bottom... resulting in total weirdness... and i should know, i'm about to start design school) yet, but we'd all heard the rumor:

Nalgenes cause cancer.

Well, somebody finally did googling, and came up with an article... or, more aptly, a blog post, detailing various studies done on the plastic over the years. Long story short, yes, the hard plastic Nalgene bottles cause cancer and birth defects in mice. And since human ova are weaker than mouse ova, they probably at least cause birth defects in humans too. Klean Kanteen has links to various other articles on the subject, as well as stainless steel bottles for purchase.

Some bottles are safe. The dangerous ones, on the bottom, have a 7 in the recycling symbol with 'PC' under it. Far as I know, the soft ones are safe. Unfortunately, my new Zion National Park bottle is PC 7. Sigh. Somebody alert Wesleyan... Maybe it was a plot by Nalgene against the Left.


that's it! no more comments!

after 5 comments in the span of an hour, all complete junk (ads), i've limited commenting to only members of this blog (ie, me). if you email comments, i'll post them, but i refuse to be a tool of spammage. or the man. yeah.

fuck you, sploggers!


ok, people need to stop spommenting (splogging? spam-commenting.) on my blogs. it will be deleted, all of it. and if it doesn't stop, appologies to all, i'll have to stop allowing comments at all (or, at least, by people who aren't me, basically). grr.

in other news, i'ma get a certificate in graphic and digital design (focusing on web design) at parsons. woot!

pics from the road trip on their way, i promise.