not an urban legend after all

It hadn't reached urban-legendary enough status to make snopes (which has a new top navigation banner, but the same old look on the bottom... resulting in total weirdness... and i should know, i'm about to start design school) yet, but we'd all heard the rumor:

Nalgenes cause cancer.

Well, somebody finally did googling, and came up with an article... or, more aptly, a blog post, detailing various studies done on the plastic over the years. Long story short, yes, the hard plastic Nalgene bottles cause cancer and birth defects in mice. And since human ova are weaker than mouse ova, they probably at least cause birth defects in humans too. Klean Kanteen has links to various other articles on the subject, as well as stainless steel bottles for purchase.

Some bottles are safe. The dangerous ones, on the bottom, have a 7 in the recycling symbol with 'PC' under it. Far as I know, the soft ones are safe. Unfortunately, my new Zion National Park bottle is PC 7. Sigh. Somebody alert Wesleyan... Maybe it was a plot by Nalgene against the Left.