Things that rule

  • This video
  • That somebody found my blog by doing an MSN search for "max fisting"
  • That somebody (else?) found my blog by doing an MSN search for "people in seatbelt car crash pictures"
  • That both of my parents are asleep on the couch in front of the news right now
  • Snowboarding!
  • Down a black diamond! (on an easy mountain, but still)

Who are these MSN searchers?

Ok. Bed. Like in that picture in the Times Square subway station.


7th ave smells like ass

Or, more accurately, gas. Or new blacktop. Something icky that causes black lung, in any event.

Other news...

Shit I had like, 8 things to write about, and now I can't remember them. Hm...

Ooh, most awesome drunken injury of my life: I burned my nose. How it happened is between me and... the people who saw it happen.

Ordering in diner food rules. Especially when accompanied by a Project Runway marathon.

And speaking of fashion... I'm thinking of taking a knitting class. But like, a schmancy design knitting class. Or I'll just buy yarn and see what happens. Hmm...

Street Blood Holiday has a MySpace account. Now we're totally a legit band.

I join another group... or, club. Her Majesty's Satanic Stair Drinkers. We take the stairs up to work (on the 10th floor)... sometimes. And we're way cooler than that other stair-takers club. We're gonna have t-shirts instead of business cards, for one.

I'm snowboarding this weekend. Sweet.