7th ave smells like ass

Or, more accurately, gas. Or new blacktop. Something icky that causes black lung, in any event.

Other news...

Shit I had like, 8 things to write about, and now I can't remember them. Hm...

Ooh, most awesome drunken injury of my life: I burned my nose. How it happened is between me and... the people who saw it happen.

Ordering in diner food rules. Especially when accompanied by a Project Runway marathon.

And speaking of fashion... I'm thinking of taking a knitting class. But like, a schmancy design knitting class. Or I'll just buy yarn and see what happens. Hmm...

Street Blood Holiday has a MySpace account. Now we're totally a legit band.

I join another group... or, club. Her Majesty's Satanic Stair Drinkers. We take the stairs up to work (on the 10th floor)... sometimes. And we're way cooler than that other stair-takers club. We're gonna have t-shirts instead of business cards, for one.

I'm snowboarding this weekend. Sweet.

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