3 Limes to Freedom

Wow. Rawktastic weekend down at the WesU. And no duct tape-clad 17-year-olds in sight. In conclusion, seeing and hanging out and partying with friends=amazing. The rest of being back at Wes=surreal and weird. But overall, the weekend was looing.

So then i get home tonight and we're having this dinner event with family friends. Only, it's more like a St. John reunion (see earlier post, about the Caribbean). Complete with rum punch, with floaters. Only floater #2 is over an ounce of rum on its own. And then we have some single-barrel as a post-dinner something. And I thougt my WesFriends would try to get me drunk...

Anyhoo, great weekend all around. Only, I still need to finish my photo homework in time to get the slides developed for Thursday. Stupid 36 exposure film.


  1. Oh yeah. That was definitely a looing weekend. =D
    Those drinks sound pretty looing as well.
    The new Beck song is also looing.

  2. oh they were! the drinks, i mean. similar ones will be provided at my BIRTHDAY PARTY! in mid-april.