phoning it in

so, this week, i have been sick. upsides include sleeping in. downsides include needing tons of sleep. and soup. soup is an upside until one gets sick of it... no pun intended. however, being sick this week did mean i got to participate in my first Conference Call! otherwise, it would have been a company meeting, that i would have missed due to being at my other job when it happened. as it is, i put the phone on speaker and mute, so i could hear what was going on while sitting nearly upside-down in the comfy chair in the family room. and i got paid for it! or, i will, once i get my paycheck. and by paycheck i mean direct deposit.

in other news, i start a photography class tonight! nothing fancy like darkroom skillz, but we'll learn about f-stops and stuff. i think. oh, and composition! which KPd and i learned all about in drawing class last year. we also learned all about just how little sleep makes one feel ill monday morning, when one is more active than merely sitting on one's arse in paclab. turns out, about 2 hours for the whole weekend does that. but it's nothing a little ass-kicking (read: self-defense class) can't cure!

hm... you know things are bad when you have to revert to stories from "the good old days" when you were still in college. whoops. oh, speaking of which, i'll be down at wes this weekend to party it up with RCart, birthday style. werd.

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