upcoming excitement

all of a sudden there are a million shows i want to see. or, 4-ish. one is already out, as there's nobody to go with and it's a school night (boo), but perhaps flogging molly will tour this summer and i can go with t-bot (aka, the best ever little bro). then this weekend off to see world/inferno with z-gold and a new and exciting friend of squirs. then the 26th the dropkick murphy's are playing in nyc, plus world/inferno is playing eclectic (apparently), and so now i'm torn.

also, new clubs start this week at leap. i'm assisting with a knitting and crocheting club, so i got me some yarn to make exciting new things. these things i then hope to sell at a profit on ebay. i have a prototype pair of (slightly not matching) chunky blue finger- and thumbless gloves (armwarmers?) available at cost, if anyone is interested. unfortunately, 'at cost' even might be too expensive (but, who knows? at least when it comes to ebay), but i think i might know an amazing way to cut such costs... and no, i'm not going to steal from the yarn store.

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  1. so what's the amazing way? sounds exciting...