it's st. patrick's day!

the night before
hey mom and dad, want to get irish breakfast with me on thursday? it'll totally be worth getting up at the ass-crack of dawn!

oh wow, that line at what will probably be the best irish breakfast ever (dropkick murphys playing an acoustic set; giving away a pair of u2 tickets, plus the plane tickets to seattle where the concert is; and most importantly, sausage) is really long. maybe somewhere else is serving irish breakfast at 7am

hey look, this place is serving breakfast, *and* giving away free t-shirts! even the girls who left best-irish-breakfast-ever (bibe) came here instead, altho they only did it becase bibe wasn't serving alcohol till 8am... probably due to state law

welcome to other-irish-breakfast (oib). please have your id ready.
but i only want breakfast, no alcohol.
you still have to show your id.
but you can't legally serve alcohol for an hour, and there will be about 5 people in your establishment, so you clearly won't lose track.
sorry. any other day, but not today.
but any other day you won't be serving sausage! sigh.

this american breakfast, while tasty, is not irish breakfast. who would have thought the drinking could hinder my st. patrick's day plans?

ooh... guinness stew... and guinness... tasty!

yay the asgard! alas, no harpoon brewery pipe band(s) this year... to my knowledge.


24 points in the first round... i *rule* at gambling!


hey aerob, will you cut my hair into a mullet and dye it blue?
sure tbot... um, you know i don't know how to cut hair right?
whatev. thanks!
um... i think your scalp is more blue than your hair.

::dance dance dance::


decordova, i heart you! not only do you have cool art, but you always let my friends in for free!

um... maybe we should have figured out the baby seat *before* it was time to leave to pick up our cousins at the airport...

the plane landed. why are we still tinkering with the baby seat, at home?

yes, please mr. toys r us guy, put a rush on the baby seat.

have you been waiting long?
oh no, only ten, fifteen minutes.
aw, cute baby!

18 points in round 2... i *suck* at gambling!


next weekend... off to nyc to see some shows =D


  1. oh my, is that like the new hipster haircut that bcod was talking about?! Except that was more like mullet with died white hair. Maybe this is unrelated.

    Anyhow, did you see the
    photo in Saturday's Globe
    of TravelPack on fire? Like, AAAAA!

    Back to classes tomorrow..

  2. hard to say. the evidence so far:

    -he doesn't *really* know much about hipster style
    -what he does know about hipsters, he thinks is pretentious

    -he arrived at home with a mesh hat on and a hipster-esque t-shirt

    -the mesh hat did say 'let's get shitfaced,' instead of something more... hip... ster...

    all in all, i think he was just going for ugly. evidenced by the fact that he let me do it with a combination of the buzzer and kitchen scissors.

  3. I would like to request that you cut my hair, you bring the scissors and i'll provide the bowl; and viola we have a "bowl cut"....