Skipping out of school and sneaking into shows

Memo to all unfamiliar persons riding the bus to NYC:

  • If my headphones are on, it most likely means I would prefer listening to what they're playing than to you.
  • If I tell you I'm not that into hardcore, that should imply that I have not heard of the random bands you did merch for one summer.
  • When sleeping, lean back against the seat. Do not lean forward. Most especially, do not lean forward and halfway into my seat with your crusty gelled hair, even if the sideways movement is due to centripetal motion of the bus.
  • Inquiries regarding my illegal drug use are not polite conversation.
  • If my headphones are on loud enough that I do not hear you speak to me, do not touch me to get my attention unless it is an emergency. "Do you think the movie is loud enough?" is not an emergency.
  • If I tell you that I do not follow graffiti, proceeding to ask me whether I have heard of xyz random graffiti artist is an annoying exercise in futility.
  • Do not be offended or angry at me for failing to predict the bus making an unscheduled stop at Roy Rogers. The driver has already informed us that the stop was due to the bus making good time.
  • No. You cannot touch my iPod.
  • If I tell you that I do not smoke cigarrettes, that implies that I do not know whether a pack of Marlboros is cheap at the Port Authority.
  • The fact that as soon as I answer your stupid questions, I put my headphones back on, implies that I do not wish to speak to you further.

I think I'm in love

With Brooklyn. And the Villiage. And 24-hour subways. And open-till-4am pubs. And my Metrocard(s). And the song, My My Metrocard. And the song, I Love New York City. And, basically, all things New York City.

Hello, my name is Aerob, and I am an addict.

It started with listening to the recorded stuff. I kept wanting more; I even paid for some of it. Then I saw them live. I've now seen the World/Inferno Friendship Society twice in three weeks. And I still want to see them again on Friday, even if it means leaving CT at 7am on Saturday to make it to work on time.

Lesson One

It would have been faster (if logistically impossible) to have gone to Connecticut to sleep than back to the Hamptons. Of course, checking out JHoff's school was nice, plus seeing the ridiculousness of the Hamptons in, well, some of its glory (it is only March, after all).

Lesson Two

Just keep your knees bent, and your arms in a vague blocking position, and even the big, sometimes scary DKM fans will not kill you in the pit. Also, the DKM/Yankee fans will not kill you for cheering for the Red Sox.


slang. noun. 1: Bravery, courage. 2: Playing 'Tessie' with a backdrop of 2004 ALCS highlights in lower Manhattan.
See: Dropkick Murphys.

The Toast List

Highlights include:

  • To drunk-dialing one's employer
  • To drunk-dialing other people's parents
  • To Fanta
  • To Rex the Pirate
  • To Murphy's Stout
  • To Shannon Stout
  • To awesome kid from Cork
  • To flipping that guy off in the bus station
  • To being a Wes alum and still getting invited to parties with the word "naked" in the name
  • To tuberculosis
  • To the guy on the subway who likes spelling bees
  • To the Molly Wee
  • To floor hockey
  • To writing my English midterm the night before it was due and colling Mom for advice
  • To BCod's "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" video
  • To the Flying Caffiene Squad
  • To Aunt Mary Beth
  • To textured floors
  • To Graceland, dog bombs, 35 Home Ave, Frank Bertino, and the housing lottery.

Lesson Three

Everywhere in NYC is farther away than you think. Subway rides can, in fact, take longer than 15 minutes. Especially when you really, really, really have to pee. (Note: the lesson is not "Pee before you leave the pub", because we did, and still really, really, really had to again by the time we got home.)

And the moral of the story is:

  • You never know where Jason Berger might show up.
  • Even the NYPD can rock out when they try.
  • If the bartender is still listening, you haven't missed Last Call.


  1. Mazel Tov! on having 1000+ visitiors to your site.

  2. thank you for the entertaining thesis procrastination. :-)