i heart christmas. yeah, maybe it's consumerist and kinda ridiculous and bordering on sacrilegious, and maybe i'm not even all that religious myself, but it just makes me feel all warm and squishy inside. so there.

so today i went to see the nutcracker with my little bro (trob) and his girlfriend (jswift). it was better than i remembered =D problematic yes (racist, sexist, heteronormative, exotifying other cultures, classist, you name it...), but amazing and beautiful at the same time. i couldn't help but wonder why i never tried out to be in it (in the boston ballet version... i was in a different one). then i remembered i was too tall for any of the parts for the level i was in. i was probably not skinny enough either. and of course, the one i did had way more choreography for the kids to do, and was probably more fun (i was an angel... there was a fog machine and everything!).

so after the show we got thai food in the theater district. then we came home. then i WON SETTLERS! i RULE! ... at colonizing hexagonal cardboard islands.


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