So, here I am in the Tea Lounge, pulling a Jess (updating my blog from an Apple laptop in the Tea Lounge, that is, oh and also doing this after a trip to SoHo to go shopping at American Apparel... and other places).

Work is insane. This isn't to say I'm unhappy, just busy. Like, way busy. Like, I thought there were laws against this busy. Ok not *that* bad, but my roommates are starting to wonder if I still live at home. I think I saw my face on a milk carton the other day, come to think of it...

I finally have more than one pair of pants! After the above SoHo shopping spree. I'd been rotating between the one pair of jeans I have here (think I left the other pair up in the MA), and it was getting old. My signature green cargo pants are stained, alas. But I have stocked up on made-in-the-USA knitwear! Woot!

Also, bsom, aberg, kpd and I reached a new level of trendiness by playing Settlers at Buttermilk, the nearby hipster bar. It's like a coffee shop that serves alcohol, noted KPd, who also won, keeping Wesleyan undefeated in Settlers in Brooklyn (yes, Vassar, consider the gauntlet thrown). Ben's glasses... Kerry's new t-shirt collection... rounds of Yuengling... we're so trendy =D Apparently my boatneck top is also hipster-ish, but I feel like things I bought at the mall could never really be defined as hipster-ish. Working at the Onion is pretty hip, I guess. And, yes, I do have some pretty hipster-tastic t-shirts. But I wasn't wearing one of those at Buttermilk.


  1. Yuengling isn't hipster.
    It's Jersey. =D
    But then, Jersey is in right now...