Hey aerob, why haven't you blogged in forever?

New jobs are hard. Like, way hard. Sometimes they don't get easier all that quick. I work really hard. And I work a lot.

And, when I get home, the last thing I want to do is go back onto a computer.

But after a nice long weekend (we, unlike most of the world, got Veteran's Day off... but not Martin Luther King day), I can once again bear to look at my laptop. Good thing, because my desktop is not in the same room as the TV and, therefore, 'Friends' on DVD.

This weekend saw many marvelous adventures! We could have an entire montage scene based on it!

First, on Thursday night, we vegged out in front of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Jonny Depp), including the awesome Dance Video in the extras (Didn't that seem rather... choreographed?). Friday saw more vegging. I guess the whole weekend involved much vegging. But, when vegging, there is always much sliding down the hallway in socks also. At least, in the winter, when I wear socks, there is sliding.

Friday night started out as an awesome women and Ben's night out in the Lower East Side (LES). Off we went on a grand trip to the Boar's Head Tavern, sight of many a fun night out previously. We got free shots, all we had to give the bar was our email addresses (hey, what is gmail for, anyway?)! So Bsom and Jhoff wussed out when it was only like 1am (I was thinking there that 1am would sound really late, so the phrase "only like 1am" would be humorous, yet in my head 1am really does sound early). That's when the real fun started.

And by real fun, I mean a dude old enough to be our father (turned out he *has* daughters our age) struck up a conversation with us. So we go into bullshit mode, aiming for interesting conversation and possibly a free drink from Mr. "I got rich off of the Stock Market, lalala." Unfortunately, he was far more interested in getting my attention by putting his hand on my leg, especially while I was talking to some other dude about his fancy cell phone ("And I don't care... if your cell phone... has a qwerty keyboard... But at least you are... not ske-etchy..."). So TMQ and I went to the bathroom. In retrospect, this was a bad idea, because it left KPd alone with Mr. Sketch. I return upon getting an sos text message from KPd, to find super-sketchy-old-dude touching her hair. So I yelled at him, and he left. It was way cool. I mean, guys being sketchy sucks. But this made it cooler to regulate his ass. Dudes need to stop assuming they can do shit like assuming they can touch women they don't even know. Rarr.

Saturday night was much better, and way more dance-tastic. We went to a hipster bar, also in the LES, and danced out pants off. The bouncer was 'hawked, the tunes were kickin', and the crowd was way trendy. And we fit right in! Mostly because we rawk, and are sweet-as dancers. It was a blast and a half. And we left before 3! We could have gone to the Panty Party (apparently a way hip thing to get into), but were exhausted.

Today, we slept in again, as per usual. Then we went to Bay Ridge (home of all the Norwegians!) and checked out the pier. There was fishing, and biking, and skateboarding, and even some scooting! And a great view of both Manhattan and the Verazano Narrows Bridge. Didn't really find any of those Norwegians tho... But we did find an awesome home-style restaurang/ice cream parlor! Like Friendly's, but without the chain-restaurant-ness or the slow service. Only they screwed up my order... whatevs.

Upon arriving home, we watched Shaun of the Dead, which is awesome. Then more 'Friends.' Then I blogged!

Adios, for now.

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  1. Great views of Manhattan, the Verrazano Bridge.... and NEW JERSEY!
    Ho BOH ken. =D
    And the Statue of Liberty!
    Hoorah for Jersey!