The Onion Almost as Good as Sex, Says Exiting Employee

We had yet another going away party at the office the other day. I mean, only the second since I started... One might think that our office parties would be different from the norm. One would be wrong. Mostly. But, I'll never pass up free cake. It's like that Seinfeld episode, where Elaine eats that thousand-year-old cake. In his farewell speech, the latest deserter alluded to working for the Onion nearly measuring up to some kind of unmentionable situation.

My office also features:

Often mistaken for loafing slackers, these people appear to roam the office looking for things to do, while really producing all of that funny stuff you read on the site or in the paper (you should really read it on the site rather than in the paper tho. The site is way cooler. Mostly because that's the part I work with).

Well, a ping-pong table. I hear it is used. Sometimes for actual ping-pong! Sometimes for Beirut. I've seen neither so far.

Improv Comedy!
Weird rehearsals... I'm sure the shows are great, but I don't tend to get out of work in time to see them.

Ok, these tend to be at bars. Fun nonetheless, especially when they involve free beer and latkes.

Werd to ethernet music-sharing. The whole staff has pretty awesome selections. Except when iTunes wants passwords for purchased music. Grr.

... maybe. I haven't seen any yet, but if a bring-your-dog-to-work lobby forms, I'll totally join.

Again something I haven't actually seen, but there are definitely cans in the fridge, and once I saw an empty Pabst can. Apparently nobody really cracks anything until after 6pm or so. Besides tasty soda from Joe's Cold Beverages of course.

Joe's Cold Beverages!
Cheapest snacks you'll ever find in SoHo. More hot beverages than cold, and such items as candy and chapstick.

All in all, definitely the "non-corporate work environment" advertised in some job postings on their site.

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  1. when i go to the onion website now, i am always clicking on the ads.... i got the idea somewhere (possibly b som.??) that this would help you in your job. hopefully i am not mistaken.

    otherwise i have been wasting my time.

    ps got your voicemail last night. i will call back soon