A history of Jury Duty: brought to you by 1992

It's the 'make you feel better about being here' video portion of the morning! Highlights:

A bunch of medieval people just threw a dude into the water.

Its Ed Brantley of 60 Minutes! And some 90's-tastic generic hopeful music!

"... and, what is this service called jury duty anyway?"

"The romans threw out [the idea of the jury] and substituted it with judges and [something]..." [picture of Jesus!] Nothing like religious guilt to make people want to serve on jury duty. Especially that Hasid next to me--that Jesus thing will really get him into it.

Now it's Dianne Sawyer! I bet the South Dakota court doesn't have this kind of star power for their jury duty video.

And now for a who's-who of the courtroom, featuring "the opposite of the stereotypical person for each job!":

 - the black female judge!
 - the white male stenographer!
 - the racially ambiguous cops!
 - the black dude and white woman lawyers (hey, it's just like the democratic primary!)

"If you are excused during [jury selection] it is in no way a reflection on your intelligence or integrity." ... Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to dismiss the really smart people.

Woah. it's a dude with that shaved-on-the-bottom, ponytail-on-the-top haircut from middle school.

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  1. yay for jury duty! But to where has our correspondent disappeared? (Maybe she's stuck on an actual jury).