Joke or No Joke?


  • I mean, come on. For real?
  • Candles that look like cock and balls
  • "To get into heaven, there's no back door"

No Joke:

  • Does Christian Rock really use the [other] 'F' word?
  • Wouldn't put it bast the Christian Fundamentalists...

Joke: "Righteous men, get on your knees"

No Joke: Check out those outfits, with all the pastels

Joke: Check out those outfits, with all the pastels...

No Joke: And the dewey light everywhere...

Joke: And the dewey light everywhere...

No Joke: The website looks legit

Joke: ... except that it lists Cyndi Lauper as a "Safe Band"

No Joke: Maybe Cyndi Lauper is "Safe"

Joke: On her latest album she duets with "Gay Band" Ani DiFranco

No Joke: They probably just didn't do their homework. It also lists both 'Indigo Girls' and 'The Indigo Girls.' I mean, there's a lot of non-Christian Rock in the world...


I'm gonna go with a tentative Joke. But there's a lot I just wouldn't put past the Christian Fundamentalists.



  1. Definitely not a joke. This is one of many programs intended to "save" gays and lesbians. I had the privilege of seeing a performance by Peterson Toscano in which he reenacted scenes from his 2 years in just such a program. These programs do exist and are very dangerous. I suspect that the one you reference in your blog is quite real, and equally dangerous. Plus they removed the video from the web site due to "abuse." Hmmm. One can only imagine.

  2. i'm gonna go with no joke. the website's mistakes to me made it seem more legit - if you are a crusader gay-hater, you might not realize that indigo girls and "the indigo girls" are the same.

    also... cindy lauper is rockin the low-key subversion on the "safe" side!! anyone familiar with "she bop"? yeah pro-masturbation songs!