blog post!

yeah, it's been a while, i know. what can i say? i've been busy. doing, what? you ask...

mostly band. which it looks like i've already posted about. around st. patrick's day, we had 7 gigs (and one practice) in 8 days. we've recorded twice. i got a flute on borrow, which i've been re-learning. we have two gigs next weekend, you should come:

  • Rising Tide Action Tour
    Playing before Critical Mass on Friday the 26th, at Union Square Park, for a roving educational group teaching the world about global warming.
  • A28: Day of Action to Impeach Bush
    Playing in Tompkins Square Park while you write your Congresspeople telling them to impeach Bush.

In other news, I'm applying to grad school. Like, woah. Computer Science at NYU, full time, is what I hope to be doing this fall. so, i have to finish that application (don't worry, it's not due till the 1st of june).

Also, it's spring. woot!

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