Help Wanted

So some newspaper article was discussing what the generation currently between something-teen and 30 should be referred to as. It suggested we be called "the twains" or something like that (the "twixts?" i can't find the article and it's too late at night to care). In any event, it's dumb. Then again, so is anybody trying to think up names for the youth generation anyway. Especially if they're, like, 40.

So, I was going to ask, fellow members of the something-teen to 30 generation--what are we? But then I thought, that's dumb. But here is what some of us are:

-too young to have capitalized on the .com boom, or to find computer jobs easily before they all moved to india
-old enough that our parents advised us to study computers because "it's the only way you'll find a job when you graduate"
-old enough to own a flannel or two, and perhaps even to have owned spandex pants and scrunch socks
-too young to remember reagan very well
-old enough to remember how excited our parents were when we had the first democrat president of our lives
-old enough to have seen the breakfast club, better off dead, and sixteen candles... on video
-too young to have any idea what to do with our lives
-too old to like this whole replacing-lighters-with-cell-phones-during-slow-songs-at-concerts trend; in fact, very, very frightened by it

Ok, maybe those are just me. At least, they're mostly pretty specific to the 20-24 age bracket. Whatever.

Anyhoo, I've added another job to my repertoire, further testing the limits of how many part-time jobs a person can have and still work less than 40 hours per week. For those of you not keeping track, this makes four. And this makes me a caffiene drinker again.


  1. We want five!

    Anyhow, congrats.


  2. was that from the newsweek or time article saying we (actually i think they were talking about people 24-30ish, which most of reading this probably aren't) are a bunch of slackers who won't get jobs or move out of our parents houses or get married?