aerob... gross

for serious, this post is not for the feint of heart. just don't say i didn't warn ya.

so, after a punk-rawk-tastic birthday party last weekend, i ended up sick. again. my latest theory is that the alcohol consumption lowers my immune defenses, thereby letting the working-with-kids germs launch a sustained ground attack that punches holes in the forward wall of my timesheet. three visits to/from wesleyan, three sore throats, three different diagnoses. arg.

this time it was strep. and just like my all-time favorite editorialist discussed just today, i put off seeing the doctor perhaps longer than i should have. it was only a day too long, but by the time i dragged myself over to the er (haven to the uninsured), i'd already lost about a night of sleep and my uvula (y'know, that hangy-ball thing at the back of your throat) was so swollen it was touching my tongue.

finally today, after a day and a half of meds, the pain is gone (woot!). however, the uvula is still swollen and gross (hey, i warned you). even without the pain, this isn't a pleasant experience; it's like i'm constantly about to swallow the damn thing.

for now, i'm off to wash down the latest dose of penicillin with some champagne (to celebrate my dad getting a new job! double woo!) and watch the SOX =D

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  1. feel better!

    sleep is way underrated in preventing/treating illness. (i have been noticing this semester that there is almost a direct 1:1 correlation to my earinfections and all-nighters. it also doesn't help my blood sugar, which im sure is a more minor but imbalances still happen in y'all with functioning pancreases) so get some if you can!