You know it was a good New Year's Eve when...

  • you don't remember taking half the pictures on your digital camera, even though you were clearly the one who took them
  • you were clearly having a good time in pictures of yourself you don't remember posing for
  • Sadownik comes in from out of town
  • Lilou comes bearing cute French boys
  • BSom and JHoff come bearing the finishing touches to both your *amazing* playlist and your extensive selection of liquor
  • The neighbors come bearing 40's
  • Jersey comes bearing tequila
  • there was the wearing of many shirts
  • there was the wearing of many novelty items
  • there was, apparently, ass-slapping—of a strictly non-sketchy variety
  • there was no permanent damage
  • you find shirts in your apartment the next morning that don't belong to you, any of your roommates, or any of the people who spent the night
  • you wake up the next morning and want nothing more than to hydrate and watch an entire season of "Sex and the City" on DVD with your fabulous roommates

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  1. Great Party!!! p.s. when and where you posting those New Year's Pics??