Things that ruled about my trip to visit Becca in Seattle
In chronological order

  • Jet Blue
    Not only did I get cookies *and* chips *and* the famous cheese and crackers (hm, now i'm hungry), but i also got to watch a whole marathon of ANTM. And if you don't know what that stands for, you'd probably think less of me for having watched it, so I'm not going to say. Also, parts of the Daily Show.
  • Seeing Becca!
    I mean, duh.
  • Pike Place Market
    Free samples, first ever Starbucks, cool retro posters, crepes... (now i'm more hungry) Awesome.
  • The Space Needle
    I had to say it. I mean, come on. It was... tall.
  • Ballard
    NORWEGIANS! Or, Norwegian flags. And... Indian food (ok that's it i'm getting some breakfast). And a bar with Aquavit and the Mad Magazine Game and friendly people.
  • The park
    Coffee, Ice Cream, and lots of walking in pretty. And bunnies (cute!) and squirrels (less cute).
  • The thrift store
    2 cool new t-shirts for $1.49.
  • Fado
    Lots of cute boys. Good for kissing, as the pictures that have probably found there way onto his MySpace by now will attest to.
  • Punk Rock Diner (PUNK ROCK BEACH!)
    Ok it wasn't punk-themed or anything, and it wasn't even a diner by New England standards (let alone Jersey standards), but it had waffles at 2am and every punk and goth in the city had found their way there. Also, there was a tv you could send a text message to, kind of like at the Green Day concert.

There was other awesome, but leaving was less fun. But Brooklyn is also cool, and this week included a pink gorilla suit, a birthday party, the artist formerly and currently known as Prince, and Beth and Matt. And today, soccer! And I think a haircut, to go with all my awesome new earrings.

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