Summer storms

So yesterday, A. and I went to the Clearwater Folk Festival in Croton Point Park in Westchester. It's only about 25 miles, so we biked up. I also had packed my multitool, and therefore couldn't switch my pedals, so we did the ride on fixed gears.

First we stopped up by Washington Heights for some diner breakfast. Mmm.... grapefruit juice that's really pink lemonade from a powder, and a spinach-and-american omelette instead of spinach-and-feta. Oh well.

Those hills were tough, but great! I only had the guts to unclip once on the downhill. Then the pedals were going way too fast to catch up with them until halfway up the uphill. So after that I just spun really fast.

Then it started to drizzle.

Then it started to rain.

I made up a song about rain, and how great it was, because it was hot so it was nice to get wet.

Then it rained more.

I got sick of my song.

We stopped under a gas station pavilion to wait out the storm for a bit and have some gatorade. We were getting close.

We caught up with the storm just before we got to Croton and to the festival. Yay!

We located the Time's Up! tent and valet-parked our bikes. Then we wandered around a bit, only to discover that we'd missed Pete Seeger and the rest of the performances were rained out. Oh well.

So we explored until we found a bar serving burgers and beer. Then we found the Croton Reservoir, with its awesome dam, and explored around there a bit. Then back to Croton to hop on MetroNorth and come home. Not the day we'd planned, but overall pretty awesome.

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