You've all been waiting for pictures of our new place, and I was finally home on a sunny day to take some!

Kitchen. Observe awesome 40s-era stove. It likes to set off the smoke detector.

Other side of the kitchen, featuring 50s-era ugly-in-an-awesome-way table and chairs.

Bathroom. Or at least the shower curtain part.

Storage closet. Check out all that storage action!

Living room.

Office, aka the other half of the living room.

Drilling air holes in the compost bin.

Somehow I forgot to get good ones of the yard. I guess you'll all just have to come visit and see it =D


  1. Your stove is incredible.
    Do you have to put peat in it somewhere?

  2. If only! Though I'm not sure how plentiful it is here...

  3. re map above desk:

    clearly at least one of you has not let go of NYC.