Dance Party!

Work has been crazy this week.* I haven't made it to the gym at all, and have instead been spending 12-hour days at the office trying to get shit done. I did accomplish much shit-doing, but I also managed to start going a bit stir crazy. And so, when I got home tonight, I pumped up my guilty-pleasure-pop mix on Grooveshark and jammed out in the (YELLOW) living room.**

At first I was all careful like I was in dance class, doing very balletic (but still energetic!) moves and trying my very rusty hand at on-the-spot choreography. And then something very odd indeed happened. I stopped caring about being good. Rather, I just shook and wiggled and bounced my way into endorphin-rush-induced frenzy.

At risk of sounding like a native, it was Hella fun. I recommend.

And now, back to work...

* In all fairness, this week is 2 days long because tomorrow we leave for our ski trip offsite. But in all fairness in the other direction, we all have a hard deadline tomorrow at 10am.

** Toxic was mysteriously missing. Luckily there's enough Lady Gaga to make up for the MIA Britney.

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