canadians are the rudest drivers ever.

anecdotal evidence suggests...

ok, say what you will about boston drivers (and of course new york drivers, but i'm personally way more familiar with boston driving so that's what i'ma discuss here). we're aggressive and rude and bestow the bird upon many a fellow driver. we don't make it easy to drive or navigate our fair city if you haven't already been where you're going a good ten or so times. all in all, we have quite a reputation.

canada has no such reputation (why do i have the feeling the first comment on this post is going to be something like, 'everyone knows toronto drivers are the worst ever'?). canadians are our polite, peaceful, socialized-health-care neighbor to the north, whence some people get cheap prescription drugs. canadians never hurt a fly. canadians get beat up on by americans blah blah blah.

well, it's crap.

cases in point (and in iambic pantameter!):

1. from the parking lot, making our merry way home, what do we hear but the beep of a horn. ten feet up, a big truck lumbers out of its space, without bothering to look up and check if it's safe. we're compelled to give way (either that or get smushed), and to let the large vehicle enter our path, at which point he stops again, blocking the road, so his wife can climb into the oversized cab.


2. on my way home, again, but this time from work, i have stopped for a traffic cop raising his hand. and who should approach on my right, but some jerk who thinks he's more important than us bostonians. passing me on the right on a one-lane-wide road, and then cutting me off in full view of police, its maple leaf mocks me the next one-point-five (that's miles, fucker) as i fume at the gall of this vehicular beast.

fookin' 'ell.

ok, maybe not exactly iambic or pantametric. but in verse. i swear it wasn't on purpose! at first...

in conclusion, canadians need to get off their high horse and respect the locals. jerks.

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  1. I may not have any iambic pantameter, but nevertheless, my blog is up and running again.