more on brooklyn

so jHoff sent me an awesome article about brooklyn, so now i'm even more excited about living there. but, i'm also getting nervous about leaving home, cuz this time it's kinda for good. i keep having to remind myself just how independent i was when i was abroad.

the plan right now is to move in for good on 1 july. this depends on how quickly the locksmith secures that skylight :
but, i do have to be there on the 2nd to receive my mattress.

also, on the way home last night, we found the Athenian Dinner I! as in, the first one, in new haven! it was just like the middletown one, only smaller. way smaller. it's right off the merritt parkway in new haven. we ate dinner there at 9pm-ish (it was a looong day).

big up to brooklyn. it's totally gonna rawk =D

it'll totally rawk for whoever sublets KPd's room for the summer too. email if you or someone you know is interested.

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